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Letter from the President

Hello Members!

Well here is the first letter from the new president. First I would like to say thank you to all that voted and nominated me for the position. I hope to meet everyone's expectations and bring forward all the changes we have been needing and hoping for a  long time. This of course could not be possible with having a full board. For the first time in years, if not ever the entire board has bee full. Amazing! This may be due to the proposed Act, but it does show how people feel there is a need for the association, and to have a voice as a group. Secondly I would like to say thank you to Laurel for dedicating 12 years of her time to being President of the Association donating a lot of her time and as groomers we can all relate to how precious it can be! Not to mention financial support she put in. She was there during the low times holding things together by strings because she believed the ODGA and its following. I'm happy she still has a role on the board and is able to assist in getting us through the humps and bumps. It truly was a great experience working by her side.

Currently the board is actively working towards creating and organizing an efficient and rewarding association. We have plans for a lot of beneficial changes to make this association rewarding for all groomers.

Our committees are finally sorted and space is still available for committee volunteers. Drop us a line if you are interested in volunteering your time. We now have a committee dedicated to the regulatory options and are currently in the works of searching the options available to us all. In the near future we will be sending out surveys. Please take the time to complete these short but important forms that will assist in making change.

Finally I would like to remind members ODGA is YOUR association. The board is to work towards your goals and ideas. Don't hesitate to contact us with your input, or if you ever have questions or concerns, please let us know.

Becky Misener 
ODGA President