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Ontario Dog Groomers Association

After speaking with agents on the 1800#, the Secretary of the Association was told that aesthetic grooming is NON-ESSENTIAL. The only way grooming is essential is if it’s necessary due to the animal being in distress and that this should be done by/in a veterinarian’s environment.  Given the phone call this morning, the Board of the ODGA are taking the stance that unless you work in a vet’s office and are grooming for medical reasons only, we advise that all groomers cease operation until the government gives further notice or we learn of information contradicting the above.

We want to wish all of our members and groomers throughout Ontario best of luck and remind you that we will still be adding useful links below as we receive them, should you have any links that you think would be useful please send them to info.odga@gmail.com.

DISCLAIMER - As a non-governing body, The ODGA Board try our utmost to ensure all information is truthful and relevant, however, we cannot be held responsible for any errors supplied on the website or on social media. Groomers are to do their own research to ensure they comply with all government policies and put their own measures in place with regards to the legal requirements of their own region.

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